Which Are The Common Pests Found In A Commercial Building?

Like residential properties, commercial properties do have invasions of pests now and then throughout the year. In fact, the most common pests that are invading commercial properties are the same as the ones that usually enter residential premises. But if you want to know what are the common pests found in a commercial property, we are here to address them. Most importantly, we can also help you explain how pests create a nuisance to commercial properties and people over there. Also, pests in properties like shopping malls, manufacturing industries, textiles, etc, cause a huge loss to commercial businesses. So, take a look at the common pests found in commercial properties.  

Over time, commercial properties cannot escape from being free of pests. Thus, you need prior information on what are the common pests found in a commercial property. Some of which can be as follows.

  • Rodents

Rodents such as rats and mice are usually found in hotels and offices among many commercial properties. They enter your office through many ways such as doors and windows in the wash or any other area of the premises. Sometimes, rodents can make a huge loss to the property of the office as well because they wreak havoc in search of food and shelter. So, whenever you see a sign of rodents in your commercial place, make sure you are controlling them with the best baits or by hiring a professional pest control company.

  • Flies

House flies are usually seen in the canteen of the office or the hotels, restaurants and so on because of their love for food smell. These flies get attracted to the food spill and they can multiply into many in a very little time. There are various methods to control flies because there are different species like bush flies, fruit flies, drain flies, etc. The presence of flies in the office can make the food items contaminate and can even ruin the peace of mind of employees. Moreover, once flies contaminate your food, they spread disease from there on. 

  • Spiders

Spiders are really scary and can land into your belongings within no time, crawling from there on. They enter the commercial buildings through cracks and pipes from the external area of the property. Spiders are one among those pests that quickly start their families once they enter your commercial property. This is because once spiders enter a commercial property, they do not just get food but also water and shelter. Therefore, if you easily find spiders crawling on your walls and can control them using the best methods and techniques. It is important to treat these spiders as soon as possible as they can make their web within no time which can destroy your office ambience.

  • Cockroaches

Many commercial properties do not maintain cleanliness due to which these roaches attack their place. These roaches spread some awful odours and allergens in the properties like restaurants, hotels, canteens, etc. Cockroaches keep moving from one place to another place which even creates a distraction and is a cause of spreading diseases. Usually, roaches are seen under the sinks of hotel kitchens or cafeterias. If you have a restaurant or hotel, then you must ensure that you are doing a regular cockroach control job for keeping your premise hygienic.

  • Termites

Oftentimes, termites are found in an old commercial building that is not well maintained. If your property is an old building made of wood, then make sure you are saving it from termites. Because once you neglect the presence of termites, then without your notice, these termites will ruin your wall and most of the furniture. Many owners have faced damages due to the presence of termites in their offices. So, this is also one of the common pests found in commercial properties. In fact, if your commercial property is something like an art gallery with walls full of paintings, termites consume all the paintings. This is due to their love towards cellulose in those wall paintings and hangings. 

  • Pavement Ants 

When a commercial property has walkways, parking lots, etc, this is where pavement ants would love to invade for shelter and food. Most frequently, you get to notice pavement ants in restaurants that provide sweet and greasy food. Oftentimes pavement ants in commercial places build their nest walls alongside parking lots and hidden walkways. In fact, they enter these mentioned parking lots and walkways through cracks in concrete floors, doors and windows in the attic. To find them, you can attract them with sweet and greasy food. 

  • Birds 

With commercial properties where food is supplied on a daily basis, birds make these places their target to live. Once birds get attracted to these properties, they consume this food and build a nest nearby to nest and roost. This in turn causes huge damage to commercial properties as this fouls the buildings along with their nearby surroundings. Some of the common bird types that you notice in commercial properties are pigeons, starlings, house sparrows, gulls and house mynas. 


Hope you now know what are the common pests found in a commercial property, you can proceed to call experts. Because once you find that there is a presence of pests on your commercial property, it is not easy to remove them from your place. Therefore, looking for a pest control company would be wise and make your residential and commercial spaces free from all pest types. Also, with pest controllers’ experience, skills and training, you are just a step away from making your environment hygienic. Thus, take it upon yourself to get a professional pest control service like termite treatment and other such services. Avail affordable, eco-friendly, advanced, in-time and same-day pest control services today, and there are the best tips for the safeness of pest control for children and seniors