Understand The Distinction Between Termite Swarmers And Flying Ants.

When it comes to termites and flying ants, there are some basic differences that you need to know and this will ensure that you have proper knowledge of the same. This will ensure that whenever you see such pests at least you can identify them. In this blog, we have shared insights of Pest Control Sydney experts which are very useful in understanding this topic.

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Here Are Some Points On Flying Ants Vs Termite Swarmers.

  1. The way they look
    The antennae of the termites look very straight and on the other hand, the flying ants have elbow-shaped antennae. The body of termites looks wide while the flying ants look a bit thin.
  2. The difference in their behavior
    The other point of difference is the way these pests behave. You will see that the flying ants would just eliminate the frass and make a home in wood or walls. This means that they do not eat wood and this would lead to structural damage. The termites on the other hand would eat wood and would also create a situation like structural damage.
  3. Flying ants would eat other little pests too
    Flying ants are generally omnivorous and the termites would feed on wood and walls. Most of the time, termites are wood eaters.
  4. The differences in the life cycle
    If you are looking forward to getting an idea about the life cycle differences then see that the flying ants would live for a few months and termites may live for a couple of years. If you are ready with a budget pest control then it will offer you the best solution. So, get ahead and find the right options.
    Out of both, termites are supposed to be more dangerous as they multiply quickly. You must therefore look out for termite protection. This will help you in getting the best options. So, be clear about how you want to take things ahead. You can check our blog Hire Pest Control And Remove Tick.
  5. The wings
    Termites have wings of equal length. This means their front wings and back wings are the same. On the other hand, the flying ants would have uneven wings. Both of them look similar and often it would be tough to say which ant is what. But what matters the most is that you find out the basic difference. The color of the flying ants would be brown or cream and the termites look whitish.
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Pests can create havoc in your home. When the pests involved are flying pests or termites, you will have to be extra careful. You never know when they will get into your home and create issues. But when you see the first signs, make sure that you decide what you have to do. This will give you the right way out. Now since you know the basic differences, it is clear that you know how you need to take the relevant action. These things will ensure that you should fight off the pests with the right pest control solutions and methods. Be clear with the right ways. So, be ready to get the right ideas. However, you can always take assistance from Local Pest Controllers. So, be ready to get the right ideas. You can check our blog Services That Are Provided By A Pest Control Company.