Tile Honing And Polishing: Everything You Need To Know

There are various types of tile cleaning methods available these days. It is important to maintain the beauty of the tiles in order to enhance the overall look of your house. There’s a common misconception that marble tiles do not require any special care, but they do require much care. Honing is one of the ways to make your tiles look shinier and brighter than others. Tile honing and polishing are add-ons after cleaning tiles effectively. Honing is a great method to restore the brightness and smoothness of the tiles. This process is mainly used for marble tiles. Professional tile cleaners can provide the best tile and grout polishing services. Read the blog completely to know more about tile honing and polishing.

Difference Between Tile Honing And Polishing-

The most frequently asked question by people is about the difference between honing and polishing. A honed finish marble will always appear flatter and lighter in colour. When it comes to a polished surface it makes the surface reflective and emphasises the colour and veins of the stone. It uses a finer grit for making the surface reflective.

A Honed Stone- A honed stone is flatter and has a smooth and matte finish when compared to other normal stones. Honed stones absorb liquid and it is porous. It looks natural and light and you will find a softer luminescence reflected if you stand on it. One more important point to know is that a matte-honed stone shows less reflection when compared to a satin-honed stone. Some of the common applications for a honed stone are- floors, hallways, stairs, and foyers.

A Polished Stone- A polished stone gives a natural shine to the stone. Marble is one of the best options for polished stone. You can see your clear reflection with a depth of colours in it. A polished stone has a water-repelling nature, therefore it is not as porous as a honed stone. Polishing a stone is only done to give it a glossy look. Some of the common appliances for polished stone are- countertops, fireplaces, sink tops and tables.

Stone Durability- When it comes to stone durability, both honed stone and polished stone are durable and strong. Basically, the durability depends upon the type of stone. You can take granite as an example. It is a naturally strong stone. Honing and stone polishing will add extra smoothness to the stone and will remove the scratches from it.

Honing And Polishing Of Engineered Stone- We all find scratches and marks on our kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity are very annoying. You might be thinking about what you can do to remove these scratches and marks from the tiles, well the answer is simple. You can use the honing and polishing method to remove these scratches and make your tiles a plane surface. In the past, it was not possible to restore any broken or scratched tiles, but these days with the help of tile honing and polishing methods you can easily get rid of these problems.

Reasons To Get Honing And Polishing- Honing and polishing are very helpful these days to get back the best look for your tiles. Below mentioned are some of the reasons to get honing and polishing for your marble tiles.

  • Honing is helpful in removing scratches, marks and etching from all types of tiles including marble, travertine and onyx kitchen benchtops. It is also useful for bathroom vanities or floors to make them uniform and steady.
  • It is helpful in restoring the engineered stones to their original condition such as Caesarstone, Essastone, HanStone quartz and many other types of stones. Once polished, high-gloss surfaces such as marble, travertine and onyx will regain their reflective look and smooth appearance.
  • Your bathroom vanities and kitchen benchtops and other semi-gloss surfaces will be clean and stain-free. 
  • The ambience of your kitchen and bathroom will be improved by honing and polishing methods. 
  • Honing and polishing methods also help in removing dirt from floor crevices and or pours.


It is important to hire professional cleaners to get rid of the scratches and stains from the tiles. Honing and polishing are difficult processes that cannot be done using homemade methods. Professional tile cleaners are very helpful in the tile honing and tile polishing process.