How To Remove Ducted Air Conditioning Vents?

Yes, keeping your property indoors clean is important but the more important thing is to get rid of the hidden dust in AC vents. As air conditioning vents harbour a lot of dirt, it should be your priority to remove the ducted air conditioning vents regularly to clean them. Before planning a process for how to remove ducted air conditioning vents, you have to keep a few things in mind. Because this is not an easier task if you are planning air conditioning duct cleaning all on your own with very little experience. From purchasing necessary equipment and tools to executing the removal process, you have to be careful about everything. 

A Step-Wise Guide To Different Ways Of Removing Air Conditioning Vents 

As you know there are different places in your household where vents will be placed and removing them has a different process. How to remove ducted air conditioning vents? Simple, the first thing you must do is find the locations where all the vents have been placed across your property. For example, you might find air conditioning vents in ceilings, floors and walls. Thus, you need to follow the removal process of them accordingly. So, take a look at how you successfully remove the air conditioning vents from your ceilings, floors and walls respectively. 

1. Ceiling Air Conditioning Vents 

  • The first thing you need to do to remove ceiling air conditioning vents is to gather all the necessary tools. This way you face no hitches during the removal process
  • The tools you require to complete the process of ceiling air conditioning vents successfully are as follows:
    • A pair of goggles
    • Large-size drop cloth
    • A screwdriver and 
    • A stepladder
  • Once you gather all these tools, then you can start removing the vent by first turning off the system. Note- This will help you prevent dust in the air ducts from entering your eyes
  • Now, place a large size drop cloth under your air conditioning vent to prevent dust and debris from falling onto the floor
  • After that, place the step ladder above it to climb carefully while holding a screwdriver in your hand
  • Check out all the locations of screws to remove them carefully using a screwdriver while making sure you are playing another hand on the vent to prevent it from falling
  • Then, carefully remove the vent from its place, lowering it to the floor and keep all the screws in your pockets to not lose them. 

2. Floor Air Conditioning Vents 

  • The process of removing air conditioning vents from the floor is not the same as removing them from the ceiling. So, to make your confusion-free, we explained the process here 
  • Like previously, take a drop cloth to place around the air conditioning vent so as to avoid dust in air ducts getting onto the floor 
  • Now, take a screwdriver upon finding the exact location of the vent screw to unscrew all of them. Note- Make sure the vent is in its place by holding onto it
  • You can complete this process by lifting up the vent slowly from the floor and placing it on the floor. 

3. Removing Air Conditioning Vents From Walls

  • Before removing an air conditioning vent from the wall, you need to do a small smoke test. This shows how much air these vents can actually circulate indoors 
  • Immediately after the smoke test, you need to take a screwdriver to unscrew the vent screws 
  • Then, if you find the sleeping of the air conditioning vent to be cemented, then you have to make sure to knock it out 
  • To make the above step possible, you need to cut the thermal light blocks that ate on the inside part of the cemented sleeve. 
  • Follow the above step to make a small hole as the area will be relatively easier and softer to cut the area to cement with the follow-up of plastering 
  • Once you follow All the steps we mentioned for removing an air conditioning vent from walls, all you have to do is follow the one last step. That is, to refit the removed vent on the outer side. Otherwise, it can cut the bricks in order to match the existing walls.


Hope you find the blog useful. However, if you are fed up searching for how to remove ducted air conditioning vents? Pass on this responsibility of duct cleaning to professional cleaners near you. Experts are well knowledgeable on how to clean your ducts while letting them improve your indoor air quality. Moreover, with experience and equipment like theirs, you also get assurance for results post duct cleaning. Prior to confirming this, you check referrals for the company you have chosen while also differentiating them from others. Looking forward to their duct cleaning agents, you can check the manufacturer they are purchasing their products from. Once you confirm all this, you can trust them to avail of emergency services as well.