Checklist For Termite Inspections

Termites are tiny pests that consume the cellulose present in wood to survive. So that is the reason why you find termites more in the wood structure of the property. Termites are termed as the most hazardous pests. They are major enemies for house owners all over the world. Termites cause billions of dollars of structural damages to house owners every year. Therefore, if you find termites in your home immediate action should be taken to control these pests. As termites are stubborn pests, DIY methods cannot effectively eliminate these pests. So, you should always recruit professional pest controllers to eradicate termites from your houses. This article explains about the checklist to follow while doing termite inspection.

Checklist to Follow For Termite Inspection

  • Search for entry points and seal them

The first thing to do while performing Pest Inspection is to search for the entry points and seal them. Find out the areas where soil contacts wood, especially untreated wood. Look for mud tunnels on the outside of the base walls. Check trellises as they are in touch with the soil as well as attached to the house. Check flower planters that are built near the house. Look for warmer areas in the house that help termites to grow.

  • Remove unused wood items from the house

As termites are more attracted to wooden items and feed on them. Remove all old and unused wood items from the house. Keeping these items in your house has a higher chance of your house getting termite infestation.

  • Inspect plumbing and fittings regularly

Make sure that your plumbing systems are working properly without any leaks. Leaks near wood structure create a moisture environment which results in termites infestation. The main locations to inspect are the kitchen, garden area, laundry, and toilets. You can check our blog Why You Should Hire Pest Controller for Pest Infestation.

  • Maintain proper ventilation

Your property should be allowed for proper ventilation to avoid humid, damp, and wet conditions in the house. As these conditions are favorite for termites, the absence of proper ventilation leads to the cause of Termite infestation. So, make sure that proper measures are taken to provide proper ventilation to the property to avoid termite infestation. You can check our blog Easy To Understand Tips And Advice About Pest Control and Prevention.

Professional Termite Exterminators in Sydney

Whenever you are thinking of availing termite control services make sure that you are hiring Local Pest Controller. As termites are very hard to control, only skilled pest controllers can effectively eliminate termites from your house. All our pest exterminators are highly skilled as well as trained in providing termite extermination services. The methods we use are very effective and helps us in the complete removal of termites from your household environment. Besides, Pest Control Sydney also provides all types of termite extermination services at budget-friendly prices. So, for reliable and cost-effective termite extermination services, hire our pest controllers by calling us.