Are Stem Borers Still A Threat For Homeowners? How To Remove Them

Stem borers are mostly found in the garden and the problem is that if you get some garden plants in your home then these stem borers may come with that. You must be alert and agile about the infestation in the garden area, plantation area, and backyard. Sometimes you may need pest control experts. Yes, stem borers are a threat to your home. If you find them in your garden, you must take measures to remove them. 

Here Are The Measures That You Need To Follow:

1. Find out where the infestation is

If you happen to see a few signs and symptoms of stem borer infestation then you need to find out the exact place where this has happened. It will help you to know the exact problem. If you happen to call for professional pest control solutions then they will find out what stage is on for the borers. Also, when you have them in your backyard and garden, you will have to see whether they have gotten into your home or not. If you see sawdust in the entrance of your home then this is one of the signs that show that stem borers are around.

2. Sprinkle black pepper powder around the plants that have an infestation

If you are looking forward to borer treatment then either you can call for reliable pest control solutions. If not, then you can use home remedies like sprinkling pepper powder around the plants that have an infestation.

3. You will have to use insecticides to get rid of stem borers

If you are looking forward to getting rid of the stem borers completely then you must use special insecticides. But timing matters the most when you are using them. When the eggs are hatching, you will have to use insecticides to get effective results.

4. Use yellow sticky traps to catch them

If you come across stem borers in your home then you can use yellow sticky traps and trap the borers or moth in them. This will give effective results for sure.

5. Soapy water to trap these borers

When the borers are in the earlier stages you can use soapy water to catch these borers. But later when they become bigger and the stages have advanced you will have to opt for a few Pest Controllers.


With the above options to get rid of stem borers, you will get a chance to get rid of them. What matters is when you find out there is an infestation. Prevention is better than cure and so when you happen to find the issue in the early stages, you will be able to keep the major problem at bay. Before the borers become a threat to your home, try and find the best solutions. You need to take things quite seriously and this will bring in better options. So, get ready to make the final choices and see how you can keep the pests away. So contact us as soon as possible to solve your problem.

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