About Kirpal Export Overseas – Company Brief

The company, Kirpal Export Overseas or KEO, is a boosting herbal and organic hair dye manufacturing corporation based in India that was established in the year 1995. As a company, they are magnificently leading in manufacturing, exporting, and supplying the best organic hair color dyes and the Indian natural herbs in the powdered form worldwide through the process of OEM business. This pure and organic initiative was taken by the brilliant founders – Sunil Walia and Payal Walia. Via this company, the Walia’s have taken their brand through sustainable development as a marketing agent of herbal hair color manufacturers, and no doubt they are the best at it.

Another crucial fact about Kirpal Export Overseas is that they are a parent company to further two natural-based hair product companies- Indalo and Lavarsh. Indalo is a domestic label with flourishing herbal and natural hair colors and hair care products that mainly assist to alter your greys and add strength to the hair with its anti-inflammatory properties. It provides a natural hair color for grey hair, and it is the finest out there. On the other hand, the second company- Lavarsh is only henna-based hair colors with a very scanty percentage of chemicals present in them as they are fast-acting henna hair colors, which are fit to cover up all your pesky greys. 

About Kirpal Export Overseas creations which are manufactured in bulk in multiple production work sites in India are the herbal hair colors, natural henna powder, natural indigo powder, henna-based hair color, and Indian natural herbs. The constant faithful work done by Kirpal Export Overseas for the past two decades and more is to bring about a change in the chemicals draining hair dye market industry through their wonderful experience in making henna powder along with natural and herbal hair colors. They are offering a sustainable, biodegradable, and healthy shift for humans and Mother Earth. Henna is one of the oldest and most naturally and generously available and Kirpal Export Overseas uses this great opportunity to manufacture organically.

Best of Kirpal Export Overseas hair products- 

Natural Henna Powder

It has no artificial colors added and is purely natural, which suggests there’s an incredibly low probability of scalp itches. It imparts a pretty henna color to your hair, especially if you’ve grey hair. It’s free from toxic chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide, and Paraben.

Herbal Hair Colors

If you choose chemical-free hair colors which can conceal grays, strengthen your hair, and add shine. The herbal hair colors are flawless and proficient for those who are looking for a long-lasting solution to their hair color woes. 

Henna Based Hair Colors (Low % chemical)

They manufacture henna-based hair colors. These colors are prepared from a special composition of henna powder and a high and low of non-toxic chemicals. Therefore, it departs a long-lasting color.

Indigo powder for Hair 

The high-quality natural indigo powder for hair coloring purposes is made from the leaves of the shrub of the indigo plant. It gives a really rich and deep blue shade to grey hair that long lasts.

Indian Herbs

They have AMLA POWDER, BHRINGRAJ POWDER, SHIKAKAI POWDER, REETHA POWDER, TULSI Powder, ROSE PETAL POWDER, and HIBISCUS POWDER in a powered version for supplementary benefits for hair. 

Natural and effective shampoo and conditioner

Recently they have launched their all-natural shampoo and conditioner free from all the hazardous chemicals; it nourishes your hair and scalp instead of stripping off the good sebum.

The vision of Kirpal Export Overseas:

The mission of Kirpal Export Overseas is to deliver the finest natural hair products to the audience which are favorably experimented on diverse parameters to make sure that they are secure and chemical-free. When their sole purpose is to offer genuine essence, they will make sure it is certain. They also use special techniques while packing product material to maintain its quality and longevity. In addition to this, all the products are COSMOS NATURAL, ISO HALAL, and GMP certified. 

Then the motto of the company is to focus on customers’ pleasure which is also their priority and they truly take tremendous pride in delivering an extensive selection of the finest quality henna and hair coloring products.

Why trust your precious hair with KEO?

-Their wide range of high-quality natural and herbal products with multiple hair colors is not available in any other organic hair color brands that are certified to be natural. They stand by their infamous tagline of- the best herbal hair color manufacturer

-There have been effective measures taken to ensure the best quality is being served to the customers as they don’t just pledge excellence but reassurance of a healthy output.

-They have a high-end, sufficient R&D crew with an outstanding logistic support system that helps you with any concerns.

-They have eco-friendly paper boxes for packaging, therefore both the inside and outside of the product are biodegradable.

KEO is a natural and practical hair dye and hair care brand that you should absolutely try.

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